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Dr. Badois (pronounced Bad Wa) is a Rheumatologist by training. He typically performs 15-20 needle aponevrotomy treatments per month. He intially learned the technique in 1982 from its inventor....Dr. Lermusiaux a French rheumatologist of Lariboisiere Hospital where Dr. Badois continues his practice today.

He is a young man age 50 and my perception is that he really enjoys helping his patients and seeing them become well. He could charge much more for this procedure but he charges what he thinks it is worth and his satisfaction comes from knowing that he's done something good for his patient. We asked for a list of other doctors who perform the procedure and he gladly provided it to us. The majority of doctors are in France but there are some in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland. The list contains over 50 doctors. The reason for the apparent popularity of Dr. Badois is because of his web site. It readily is found by popular Internet search engines when you search for Dupuytren's Contracture. I encourage you to visit his site and read his information carefully.

As I stated previously, I would not expect this procedure to be practiced in the US or Canada anytime soon. Dr. Badois told me that when the procedure was first discussed and introduced all of his peers told him it was a bad thing and couldn't possibly work. Fortunately, he and Dr. Lermusiaux persevered.

I will add more to this page as additional information becomes available.

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