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Dr. Douglas' Real Heath Breakthroughs

Find an alternative/complimentary medicine doctor.

Find an alternative/complimentary medicine veterinarian.

Walt's Dupuytren's Website Links

Dupuytren Foundation-founded & run by USA NA pioneer Dr. Charles Eaton

Dups Support Group--July 2009

Chuck Watson's Dups Site--8/1/05

10/30/03 list of Dupuytren's Needle Aponevrotomy practitioners

Flares from trauma. (Requires Microsoft Word).

Dups theories. (Requires Microsoft Word).

Jerry Klafter's revised survey analysis. (Requires Microsoft Word).

Clinical Research Studies--Go here and search for Dupuytrens.

Stoneybrook Collegenase Study--the definitive Dupuytren's Colleganse paper. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Verapamil Tests-- a verapamil test results paper. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

PDL Labs--Topical Verapamil

Dr. Badois' Non-Surgical Dupuytren's Treatment Page

BTC Web Page--Injectable Xiaflex

Dupuytren Society

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