Walt's Dupuytren's FAQ

These FAQ deal primarily with questions that I have asked Dr. Badois and the answers that he gave me.

Pre-Treatment FAQ

Q: How many treatments does it take to straighten the fingers?

A: This depends on how many fingers are involved and the stage. For example, a Stage II contracture involving 1 or 2 fingers can be fixed in one 20 minute session. Please note that a session is not always 20 minutes. It could be 15 or 45 minutes depending upon the stage and the kind of the contracture. The doctor will advise you how much time and how many sessions will be required when he sees the pictures of your hand.

Q: Have you heard of the topical verapamil ointment and if so what is your opinion of it?

A: Of course we've heard of topical verapamil treatment. It seems to soften the cords, but unfortunately it could not straighten the fingers up when they are bent.

Q: How do you know you're only sawing thru the bad tissue and not blood vessels or nerves?

A: It is a matter of experience!

Q: How much did the treatment cost?

A: My 20 minute session cost $150. Based upon the stage of your condition, he'll advise you of the number of treatments required and the cost. The most expensive part of the treatment was the air fare to Paris and the hotel.

Q: What's the best way to contact Dr. Badois?

A: Use email. He responded to all my email w/in 48 hrs.

Q: How do you get to Dr. Badois' office?

A: He'll provide you with detailed instructions. We were lucky enough to have some good friends familiar with Paris as our chauffer/guide.

Post-Treatment FAQ

Q: My fingers are nice and straight but I cannot bend my little finger toward the palm completely. I couldn't prior to the procedure either. Will I be able to over time?

A: Needle aponevrotomy usually restores the prior flexion of the treated finger (not less, not more).

Q: I can still feel the cord in the palm of my hand in several places...it is "hard" to the touch. Will this remain there or disappear over time? If disappear how long will take?

A: The "hard" bumps that you still feel in the palm will not disappear over time (don't forget the cord is not removed, but only cut). They usually become softer and thinner.

Q: It's been less than 2 weeks since the treatment. I don't have any pain at all but when I stretch the fingers it hurts a little...can I do this without a problem?

A: Don't do it until it goes on hurting. When the swelling is completely healed, you will be allowed to do it again.

Q: I'm obviously typing this message with all my fingers...is nice and have good flexibility. Do I just exercise the little finger so it can be bent completely inward?

A: Same answer as above. Only when the hand is not swollen any more.

Q: It's been a few days since the treatment and I am noticing some slight brusing in the palm...will this disappear?

A: Yes, the bruising should disappear in a couple of weeks.

Q: It's now been 3 weeks since the treatment and I'm noticing a dryness in my palm and some "itchyness". Is this normal?

A: This sensation is quite frequent during the evolutionary phases of evolution of the. Many patients have reported this. It usually lasts a few days. If it persists, you can apply moisturizing or cortisone cream. Vitamin E oil can also improve it.

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